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Bacardi Rum traces its origins back to the 1830s. During this period, rum was cheaply made and not considered a refined drink, and rarely sold in upmarket taverns. Facundo Bacardi Masso, a Spanish wine merchant, began attempting to "tame" rum by isolating a proprietary strain of yeast still used in Bacardi production. After experimenting with several techniques he discovered filtering the rum through charcoal would remove impurities. Additionally, Facundo began aging the rum in white oak barrels, which had the effect of mellowing the drink. The final product was to be the first clear, or "white" rum in the world.

Facundo set up a distillery with his brother in 1962 to turn the white rum into a commercial endeavour. In the rafters they discovered fruit bats living there. Considered a symbol of good luck, this became the inspiration for the company logo.

2012 marked Bacardi Rum's 150th Anniversary. From humble beginnings in a tinned-roof distillery the Bacardi family has passed down the Bacardi Company from father to son, for seven generations. Today, Bacardi remains a family owned business and continues to make history as the world's best selling and most awarded rum.
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