Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum 70cl

Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum 70cl

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  • 3816
  • ABV
  • 38%
  • Colour
  • Gold
  • Country
  • Papua New Guinea & Fiji
  • Size
  • 70cl
  • Type
  • Spiced


The endless supply of goods the Cargo Cult's have been patiently waiting for, are still yet to appear. The one thing in no shortage across the South Pacific are Bananas! Banana's are also the no.1 fruit in the UK, so the folks at Cargo Cult rum decided to put them to some rather spirited use. Cargo Cult Banana spiced rum is made by infusing Cargo Cult spiced rum with North Queensland bananas. On the nose, you get ripe banana, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. To taste you get sweet banana & cinnamon spices. It's rounded, with a smooth dry finish. This rum is nothing other than bananas!

The legend of the Cargo Cult
As World War II spread to the South Pacific, US troops descended on isolated islands, with their cargo of unimaginable riches: tinned meat that never spoilt, Coca Cola, Jeeps, cigarettes and more... Many of the islanders had never seen outsiders before and believed this was a miraculous occurrence. However the troops abruptly departed, leaving only rusted Jeeps, crumpled beer cans and memories of Spam! Yearning for the return of their abundance, Islanders built aircraft from palm trees and cleared landing strips to summon back the visitors and their legendary leader; a man who has gone by many names and appearances. Last we heard, it was a guy call John Frum. Not sure which John, nor 'Frum' where! Islanders formed 'Cargo Cults' that endure in remote communities, patiently awaiting the return of their mystical leader and his limitless abundance of cargo. While over 70 years has past and the mythical leader with his limitless supply of cargo is yet to re-appear, his rum has for sure arrived!