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Chateau Talbot

Cheateau Talbot takes its name from its former owner, Sir John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury in the 15th century and defeated at the battle of Castillon in 1453. It received its first Bordeaux wine listing in 1846 and a fourth growth classification in 1855. The present owners are Lorraine Rustmann and Nancy Bignon-Cordier, the fourth generation of the Cordier family to have produced wine on the estate since 1917.

Chateau Talbot's vineyards cover 102 hectares across the Gironde estuary area, making it among the largest in Bordeaux. Vinification at Chateau Talbot continues to be done in wooden vats, where many wineries today opt for stainless steel. The unique properties of each wooden vat offers the perfectionist wine makers at the Chateau new avenues for research.
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