Finest Call Single Press Lemon Juice 1 litre

Finest Call Single Press Lemon Juice 1 litre

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Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon Juice is produced from fresh, single pressed Lemons. It has the perfect touch of acidity that makes it a bar must-have, for use in hundreds of cocktail recipes from a whiskey sour to a Long Island Iced Tea and many more! This versatile product with a flip-top is easy to use within your cocktail program, as well as the creation of a range of non-alcoholic from lemonades to punches! Take your cocktail program to the next level!

Key Facts

  • Made from single pressed, never concentrated, California Lisbon and Eureka lemon juice
  • Single pressed lemon and lime juice are two of the top three most common cocktail ingredients
  • The single pressed lemon juice offering eliminate the needs for the heat-intensive process of concentration that degrades essential oils and diminishes the fresh lemon notes in a finished cocktail

Bar Economics

  • The bottle and juice are designed as a solution when in-house juicing is not operationally or economically viable
  • The flip-top, squeezy bottle speeds up time to serve
  • Made with premium single pressed lemons from California for locked-in freshness and taste
  • Cost effective solution when adding premium lemons into any cocktail or non-alcoholic drink
  • Provides bartenders with a consistent, cost-saving and a shelf-stable product