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Ketel One

Ketel One vodka is the product of over 300 years of expertise. In 1691, Joanness Nolet settled in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, choosing this as the perfect location for his distillery. At least in part due to the Nolet family's help, Schiedam soon became a "capital of spirits", widely famed for its genever.

Carolus Nolet in 1979 was responsible for the business' modern transition. After extensive research into the world of cocktails, he concluded that he needed to make a better vodka and returned to Schiedam intent on doing just that. After much experimentation he found his perfect recipe using a combination of column distillation and traditional copper pot distillation. He returned to the bartenders he had visited in his research to bring them his new vodka and it soon found pride of place as the vodka of choice in many of America's finest bars.
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