Krug Grande Cuvee NV 169th Edition Champagne Magnum 1.5 litre in Gift Box

Krug Grande Cuvee NV 169th Edition Champagne Magnum 1.5 litre in Gift Box

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  • Stock code
  • 6043
  • ABV
  • 12%
  • Closure
  • natural cork
  • Colour
  • White
  • Grape Varieties
  • Chardonnay 35%
    Pinot Meunier 22%
    Pinot Noir 43%
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Region
  • Champagne
  • Size
  • 1.5 litre
  • Type
  • Brut
  • Vintage
  • Non-vintage


Magnum 1.5 litre bottle. The 169ème Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée is composed of a blend of 146 wines from 11 different years. The youngest is from 2013 and the oldest dates back to 2000. Aged for approximately seven years in Krug's cellars gives this Édition its remarkable expression and elegance. Every glass poured is the result of over 20 years of careful craftsmanship.

The 169ème Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée has been composed around the harvest of 2013. The season began with a seemingly endless winter followed by a rainy and cool spring. As luck would have it, the subsequent summer was hot and sunny, although it was also marked by hailstorms, which took their toll on the vineyards. The wines of the vintage year 2013 were complete, expressive and full of flavours.

To create this Édition, the Cellar Master looked to further highlight the year 2013's fullness and beautiful aromatic elegance with wines from different plots from 10 other years. The careful attention given to the vines and Krug's respect for the individual character of each plot has created the breadth of expression of this Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée.
In all, reserve wines from the House’s extensive library made up 40% of the final blend, bringing the breadth and roundness, that's so essential to each Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée.

The final composition of this bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée is 43% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay and 22% Meunier.

Colour: light golden and fine, vivacious bubbles, holding a promise of pleasure

Aroma: flowers in bloom, ripe, dried and citrus fruits, together with marzipan and gingerbread

Taste: flavours of hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar, jellied and citrus fruits, almonds, brioche and honey.

Storage: The bottle should be stored at the same temperature that it is recommended to be served, i.e. between 9°C and 12°C. Colder temperatures will slow down the Champagne's evolution, while warmer temperatures can cause irreversible damage. In general, thermal shocks should be avoided during storage and bottles should not be exposed to light. The bottle should also be handled with care, as the contents are under pressure.

Opening: When it's time to open the bottle, make sure it is pointed away from yourself and other people. Tilt it and remove the wire cap and foil. Holding the cork firmly with one hand, and the bottle with the other, turn the cork to slowly, to gently release.

Serving: It is recommended to serve Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne at between 9°C and 12°C. Any colder temperature would limit the full expression of flavours and aromas. 

Background: Krug Grande Cuvée was born from the dream of one man, Joseph Krug, to craft the very best Champagne he could offer, every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate. Since 1843, the House of Krug has honoured this vision with each new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée: a most generous expression of Champagne.

The bottle comes presented in a regal burgundy colour Krug Grande Cuvée branded box.