Pussers Gunpowder Proof Spiced Rum 54.5% 70cl

Pussers Gunpowder Proof Spiced Rum 54.5% 70cl

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  • 5578
  • ABV
  • 54.5%
  • Colour
  • Gold
  • Country
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Size
  • 70cl
  • Type
  • Spiced


Pussers Gunpowder Proof Spiced is a new expression of spiced rum launched by Pusser's Rum in the UK in December 2020. Blended to Admiralty specifications at 54.5% ABV and aged for a minimum of three years in charred oak bourbon barrels. It's then mellowed with a blend of spices including banana, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and a touch of ginger. The result is a smooth spiced rum with expressive flavours and a rich amber colour. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.
This new expression replaces the old Pussers Spiced, which was previously bottled at 35% ABV. It's a blend that 'spices up' liquid history. The added nuances of Caribbean fruits and spices add extra dimensions to the blend's classic Demerara wooden pot still heritage.

Pusser's Rum takes its name from the Royal Navy slang for a purser, a ship's supplies officer.