Saigon Baigur Vietnamese Premium Dry Gin 70cl

Saigon Baigur Vietnamese Premium Dry Gin 70cl

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Saigon Baigur is the first premium dry gin to be distilled in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It's a most extraordinary gin featuring botanicals of fresh buddha's hand and vapour infused lotus flower. Twelve distinctive local botanicals combined with four classic gin ingredients present a drink that is a Vietnamese take on the classic dry gin. 

The unique combination of locally sourced botanicals gives Saigon Baigur a fresh and vibrant taste, inspired by the city it is distilled in. It's an adventurous and exciting gin.

The botanicals infused into Saigon Baigur Gin include:

4 Classic botanticals:
Juniper - Macedonian juniper serves as one of the gin's base ingredients
Coriander Seed - Refreshing and lime like
Angelica Root - A key ingredient, earthy and slightly bitter
Lime Peel - A classic favorite in Vietnamese cuisine

12 Distinctive local botanicals: 
Buddha's Hand - A very floral lime fruit grown in northern Vietnam
Lotus Flower - A true symbol of Vietnam, adds floral, fragrant notes
Saigon Cinnamon - A fragrant cinnamon from the mountainous highlands
Black Cardamom - A smokey, spicy, fruity spice from the North
Liquorice - Adds a subtle sweetness to the gin
Phu Quoc Peppercorn - One of the finest peppers in the world
Green Cardamom Pods - Sweet, spicy notes
Dragon Fruit - An unusual fruit adding to the sweetness
Star Anise - The Vietnamese cousin of anise
Lemongrass - A distinctive flavor of citrus and mint
Bird's Eye Chili - A little spice for a truly Vietnamese gin
Fennel Seed - An anise like herb from the highlands

The Bottle:
With an almost pineapple-like appearance, the bottle is nothing short of a head turner! The bottle was actually inspired by the scales of the dragon, a legendary creature in Vietnam. It took over a year for the founders to find a glass producer willing to take on this daring bottle project. After several attempts, the founders finally achieved the result they were aiming for: a bottle like no other, for a gin like no other!

The Distillery:
To ensure consistency and authenticity, a handmade copper pot still was imported from Europe, combining craftsmanship with the highest production quality. The additional Carterhead gives the possibility to vapour infuse the gin with more delicate botanicals, creating a remarkably smooth gin. The still happened to be installed during an incredibly stormy day of the city’s annual monsoon season, so it was only appropriate that she was called “Saigon Thunder.” The distillery is the first professional gin distillery in Saigon, and is located in District 9, in the city’s rapidly growing eastern stretches.