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The U'Luvka distillery is one of the oldest in Poland, based just outside beautiful Wroclaw.

Tales, myths and legends are told across Poland of the legendary alchemist Sedivogius and a magical vodka he distilled to save King Sigismund III from an incurable disease in 1606. The story and the recipe was only ever partially recorded and retold in fragments, so U'Luvka set out to recreate this mythical elixir. By consulting scholars of alchemy, ancient texts and working with expert distillers the legend of Sedivogius has been rediscovered and bottled as U'Luvka.

As the stories go, the fashion in the court of Sigismund III was to drink vodka from glasses without bases such that once filled, it could not be put down until the contents had been drunk. These glasses form the inspiration behind U'Luvka's unique glass design, allowing you to celebrate like true royalty.

U'Luvka's iconic bottle is inspired by ancient alchemical distillation vessels. It is a physical representation of the alchemical balance between male and female and ultimately of life itself; the rounded base of the design representing 'female' and the elegant neck representing 'male'. The form proves exceptionally functional too, with bartenders praising its design because the kink in the waist makes a perfect thumb rest for pouring.
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