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Asbach dates back to 1892, created to produce a brandy able to stand against powerful competition from France. Hugo Asbach, the company's founder linked his own name with a pledge of quality and created the name "Asbach Ur-alt", with "Uralt" standing for the maturity resulting from a long storage period - one of the most important criteria for successful distilling.

After the Treaty of Versailles designated that the term "Cognac" only be used for French products, the term coined by Asbach, "Weinbrand", made its way into law and to this day remains the protected designation of origin under German law for premium brandies made in Germany.

Today, Asbach is an internationally recognised and acclaimed brand, having been awarded "Most Trusted Brand" for 10 years straight, as well as a number of other gold medals and awards in recognition of the quality of its spirits.
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