Belvedere Citrus Vodka 70cl

Belvedere Citrus Vodka 70cl

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  • ABV
  • 40%
  • Country
  • Poland
  • Region
  • Zyrardow
  • Size
  • 70cl
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  • Flavoured


Belvedere Citrus is handcrafted using lemons grown in the sunny citrus groves near Murcia, Spain, and limes harvested nearby in southeastern Spain, It expresses the lively character of natural lemon with exotic layers of lime.

Background: Belvedere Vodka is distilled from 100% Dankowskie Gold Rye, which has only been successfully harvested in Poland. Belvedere Vodka is distilled four times, the optimum number for achieving its unique flavour profile - three distillations leave minor imperfections, five distillations strip away delicious flavour notes. First introduced to North America in 1996, Belvedere single-handedly created the luxury vodka segment (now the fastest-growing category in distilled spirits). Seven years later, Belvedere's high character and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally. Consumer demand continues to increase at an accelerated pace, and worldwide recognition of the brand is at an all-time high. As Poland is widely recognized as the birthplace of vodka, it is fitting that Belvedere is named after the Belvedere Palace, formerly home to Polish royalty and presidents. Today, Belvedere Vodka offers a luxury experience to a broad international audience of vodka enthusiasts and connoisseurs.