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Whiskey making at Bushmills draws on centuries-old distilling history, including a royal licence to distil whiskey, granted for the county of Antrim in 1608, a date found emblazoned on Bushmills' whiskeys today. The Bushmills Old Distillery itself was established in 1784 by Hugh Anderson and since then has seen lean years, fire, prohibition and war but has always pulled through to continue making the highest quality whiskeys.

At one time there were many hundreds of different Irish whiskeys. Over the years these have disappeared. Only Bushmills, the oldest and a handful of others have remained. Some would argue that this is because Bushmills are the very best. Bushmills' passion for whiskey-making and expertise in all stages of the whiskey production process are the critical factors in the quality and character of the Bushmills family of whiskeys and ensure that every bottle of Bushmills is Irish at its best.
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