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Camus is a family-owned cognac house founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus. The company is based in the Borderies region of Cognac, France and is known for producing high-quality cognacs using grapes grown on their own estates. Camus is also the only major cognac house to produce all of its cognacs exclusively from Borderies grapes.

Camus is known for its commitment to sustainability and responsible production practices. The company has its own cooperage, where they make barrels using oak from their own forests, and they use solar panels and geothermal energy to power their facilities. Camus is also involved in various social and environmental initiatives, such as supporting local farmers and preserving biodiversity in the Cognac region.

Over the  years, Camus has received numerous accolades for the quality of its cognacs. The company has a strong presence in international markets and is considered one of the leading cognac houses in the world.

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