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Espolon Tequila is the creation of Cirilo Oropeza, master distiller at the San Nicolas Distillery in the Los Altos (Highlands) region of Jalisco, Mexico. San Nicolas is designed to be an artisanal facility, built to Oropeza's specifications.

Espolon is made from 100% blue agave, with each piña cooked for 18-20 hours and distilled for longer than the industry standard to create richer, more intense flavours. They also play rock music in the factory to "inspire" the agave.

Espolon takes its name from the 'spur' found on the back of the rooster's leg in tribute to the fighting cocks of Spanish American tradition. The visual style is reminiscent of the woodcut illustrations created by Steven Noble incorporating both the rooster as well as imagery evocative of Mexican tradition and history. A striking addition to anyone's drinks cabinet.
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