Singleton of Glen Ord 39 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 70cl

Singleton of Glen Ord 39 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 70cl

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  • 5688
  • ABV
  • 46.2%
  • Age
  • 39
  • Closure
  • natural cork
  • Colour
  • Gold
  • Country
  • Scotland
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Region
  • Highlands
  • Size
  • 70cl
  • Type
  • Single Malt


This indulgent whisky from Singleton, at 39 years old, has been almost four decades in the making. Only 1,695 bottles have been released worldwide. After emerging from oak after a 39-year ageing journey, this is a Single Malt Scotch unlike any that has come before. It epitomises the intensity and lavishness of exquisite European wines through the eyes of an exquisite whisky. Rich and succulent blackberries burst onto the palate, and a whisp of crumbled muscavado sugar leaves the taste buds tantalised. This a rare vintage whisky with resounding depth and complexity for an unparalleled taste experience.

Bottles released: 1,695

Colour: It has glints of red-hue amber and a polished rosewood colour.

Nose: Initially it feels mellow with profoundly complex aromas. It's vinous with fruity notes that bring thoughts of rich fruit cake, wine-soaked raisins, candied orange peel and toasted almonds. After some time, butterscotch emerges. The addition of water dials back the fruit and introduces a cooling effect.

Palate: Light yet creamy-smooth with a very slightly waxy texture and initially mouth-wateringly sweet with a notable fruity clove centric spiciness. There's a gentle drying, with further spice towards the end, giving rise to a light peppery warmth. Richly flavoured and well balanced, it's perfect for drinking neat. Adding a dash of water, the texture thins, and the sweetness comes forward; there's a touch of salt in place of spicier warmth, which returns in the finish.

Finsh: Very long, fruity, and a lingering spicy warmth and a hint of salted plums in the aftertaste. The later increases with the addition of water, when the whole aftertaste becomes unusually cool, with slight hints of cherry liqueur filled chocolates.